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What is Anti-Microbial Technology?


Biofresh is the leading Antimicrobial technology in the Philippines that kills 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free all day. Plus, it's effective even after 50+ washings. 


Our Biofresh foot spray kills 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms that cause bad odor, allowing your feet to feel fresh and comfortable while deodorizing insoles.


Check out our line of Biofresh Antimicrobial Technology products - we have masks, socks, innerwear, and home cleaning products that eliminate odor-causing bacteria making you feel comfortable, fresh, and confident all day!



Smelly feet are embarrassing. This is our solution to your problem by simply upgrading your socks with Biofresh Antimicrobial Socks.


Biofresh Antimicrobial Socks help prevent bacteria growth that causes bad odor making you feel worry free of any foul scent!

Ladies Cotton Ankle Casual Socks for only ₱ 330



Looking for a good pair of undergarments? Biofresh Antimicrobial Undergarments are heftier than the average undergarments in the market.

It is treated with Antimicrobial Technology which eliminates odor-causing bacteria, making you feel comfortable, fresh, and confident throughout the day. In addition, all Biofresh Undergarments are ready to be worn straight out of the packaging.


Cotton Camisole for only 230


Men's Antimicrobial Seamless Boxer Brief for only ₱ 600



This Biofresh foot spray allows your feet to be fresh and comfortable while deodorizing insoles. Also eliminated bacteria and microorganisms that cause bad odor with the help of Antimicrobial technology. Making your feet fresh all day!



With the current situation we are facing, everyone has become frantic about disinfection, sanitation, and hygiene, and that's where Biofresh Home comes in.


Biofresh Home has different product lines. All of which are designed to provide protection for the home by killing 99.9% bacteria, microbes, and viruses.

Biofresh Multipurpose Cleaner disinfects and removes dirts, molds, stains, and more without damaging the color and texture that you're spraying. It can be used in anything like, laminated wood, glass surfaces, cars, tiles, toilets, and more.

Multipurpose Cleaner for only ₱ 250



A mask that is washable, with stretchable ear loops made of 3 ply cotton face mask, with a pocket for filter, perfect for double masking for better safety and Hypoallergenic.

Antimicrobial Cotton Washable Face Mask ₱ 50


Now that you know the benefits of Antimicrobial Technology, get yours now on our official online stores Shopee, Lazada, ZaloraBiofresh Official Website. Biofresh is also available in leading department stores nationwide.

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