Burlington Industries Philippines, Inc. is the trademark owner in the Philippines of the following socks brands Burlington, BioFresh, Puma, Bally, Camp and Knit. The company manufactures full range of designs for sports socks, dress socks, and casual socks for men, trouser socks, foot cover and stockings for ladies’, and school socks for children. With over five decades of solid track record in the hosiery industry, Burlington established the reputation as the socks authority.

The rare combination of softness and strength typifies a pair of Burlington socks. The socks embody the principles highly valued by the company – commitment to the development of human resources and constant innovation of its products. Burlington invests in the training and development of its personnel to keep their skills at par with the demand for perfect quality in its products. The company uses advanced equipment and machinery and employs modern technology to maintain the superior quality of every pair of socks it produces.

To maintain its leadership in the industry, Burlington continuously looks for business opportunities in the international market, with our mission “to deliver satisfaction and well-being by offering products and services truly preferred by our customers while providing our employees a tool towards self-development”. With this mission, the company has endeavored to establish more organized business operations for quality, cost effectiveness and efficiency. Having been ISO (9001:2015) certified by TUV Rheinland, it is evident that the company has paved the right track in fulfilling its mission of providing the buying public the satisfaction of using Burlington products.

Other socks are made merely to cover your feet. At Burlington, we make socks to protect and provide your feet the comfort and softness in your sole in every move and step you make. Having a pair of Burlington socks is caring for your feet. The same care we put in every pair we make. That’s what makes Burlington socks different.