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Hiking Essential Checklist: Things to bring on a hike

Outdoor activities have always been an opportunity to escape the big city and appreciate nature’s beauty. Part of the challenge of outdoor activities is having the right gear to have a comfortable, convenient, yet adventurous experience. For first timers, it might be best to know the must haves for your upcoming adventure.

What are the essential things in Hiking

1. Head Buff

A head buff is a versatile scarf-like piece of fabric, used most often by people who love outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. There are different ways to wear a head buff - it can cover your head or cover your face and neck from the harsh elements. Our Camp Head Buff wicks away sweat and helps regulate your temperature. 

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2. Face Mask 

As you traverse to a foggy area, wearing a face mask protects you from breathing in fog preventing your delicate lungs from exposure to cold, watery air which can cause chills, and irritation causing coughs and sniffles. Factors to consider when in search of a face mask(s) for your next hike should be breathability, comfort, and effectiveness of design. Camp’s washable face mask is made with a soft absorbent fabric that naturally wicks sweat, making it perfect for everyday use and provides a full comfort fit for users.

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3. Arm Sleeves

The primary reason most hikers wear arm sleeves is for improved circulation. The arm sleeves apply pressure to the specific area they’re worn. When it gets cold, wearing hiking arm sleeves allows warmth and coverage early in your trail while your muscles are still warming up. If you start getting warm, you can push the sleeves down towards your wrists to help stabilize your temperature and avoid overheating as it also protects your arms from harmful UV rays from the sun.

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4. Socks

The average person takes more than a thousand steps on every trail taken. Factor in the up and down of a hiking trail and the roots and rocks you’ll encounter along the way, and that number only gets higher. With every step, the right socks play a critical role in keeping your feet comfortable and blister-free throughout your journey.

What to consider when picking socks to use for a hike ?
    • Sock height -To protect against abrasion with your footwear.
    • Cushioning- Providing the right amount of cushioning affecting comfort and warmth.
    • Fit - Make sure your socks fit well to fend off blisters.

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5. Mental Preparation

As you are to encounter a roller coaster of emotions throughout your hiking journey; you’ll experience exhaustion from the length of the journey, aching of your body, doubt of completing the hike, confidence as you pick yourself up and satisfaction of the completed journey .Mental preparation is one of the overlooked areas of the pre-hike stage which should be included on your checklist.

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