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A Must-Have For Your Toddler's Walking Milestone: Gripper Socks

As toddlers learn to walk, it is important to make sure they have the proper footwear and socks to help them stay stable and balance. One type of socks that can provide stability is Gripper socks that have a non-slip gel.


Gripper socks are designed with a soft gel material on the bottom to provide traction and help prevent slips and falls. The socks are also designed to fit snugly around the foot, which can help improve balance and stability.


Here are a few reasons on why non-slip socks are so important for toddlers

  1. Toddlers are still developing balance. At their age, they are still learning how to walk and run. Non-slip socks can help provide the extra stability and traction they need to stay upright and avoid falls.
  2. Toddlers are active and curious. Their stage, they have things in mind that have many curiosity which they have non stop moving and exploring things to play with.
  3. Toddlers like things that are comfortable and easy to wear. Toddlers tends to be picky about what they wear, it is important that it is lightweight and comfortable to allow them to move freely.


How Grippers Socks Helps Toddlers Learn to Walk?

Babies wearing non-slip socks are less prone to slipping than those babies who are wearing traditional socks or no socks at all. Because of this, toddlers with the gripper socks gain more confidence in their ability to walk than their peers who do not use them do. Therefore, if possible, parents should have a few pairs of non-slip socks on hand for when toddlers begin to walk to ensure a pair is always at the ready when learning to walk, especially on their own.

What to look for when buying walking socks for your toddler?

Keeps feet dry, cool and clean

- To avoid irritation on your toddler's skin or cause overheating.

Non - slip

- To prevent unwanted falls from slipping on tile and wood floors. Equipped with the specialized gel located at the outsole of the sock designed to provide a secure grip on the walking surface.


- For increased freedom of movement. You need to make sure that your toddlers toes are not curling up at the front and that they have room to wiggle their little toes.

Dri Plus Boy’s Gripper Anti-Slip Socks  150

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