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Cotton - still the best material for socks

Do cotton socks work better than other socks?

Great question! The answer would depend. Cotton has many advantages and is being used as the main material for a lot of clothing, including socks. There's a lot of good reasons why Burlington's been using cotton over the past years.

Introducing the benefits and features of Cotton USA

Burlington socks are made of Cotton USA - known for its best and highest quality of cotton in the world. The reason cotton has been worn for years is because its perfect for all seasons, it is known for its softness, and it is comfortable, breathable, lightweight and durable, making it perfect for everyday use.


Burlington Men's Cotton Thick Sports Crew Socks for only ₱ 350.00

Cotton USA is especially Strong and Breathable

Strength is the special thing that makes the cotton so special. Cotton is a dye absorbent, they are stronger and more resistant than other fabrics. Cotton USA - renowned for bringing the finest cotton available worldwide. Cotton is non-allergenic, and for those with sensitive skin, cotton is highly recommended. Burlington cotton socks provide breathable and soft absorbent cotton that allows you to be more comfortable compared to other socks.

Burlington Men’s Cotton Thick Sports Socks for only ₱ 380.00


Cotton USA for Better Protection

If you’re looking for socks for everyday use in casual shoes, sports, etc. cotton provides protection. Cotton socks guard your feet from cold to warm. Allowing you to protect it  and relieves your feet between shoes.


Burlington Ladies’ Cotton Lite Casual No Show Foot Cover for only ₱ 250.00


To have high quality cotton socks, check out Burlington's official website, E-commerce platforms such as Zalora, Shopee, Lazada and leading department stores nationwide. 

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