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11 Types of Hikers you’ll meet on the Trail

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity that attracts people from all walks of life. Each hiker has their own unique style, motivations, and preferences when it comes to hiking. It is a great way to destress especially from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the metro. Some people consider it as an adventure, or a great and rewarding experience. 


Here are some of the different types of hikers that you will meet on the trail: 

1. The alpha

Usually the leader of the group who organizes the trekking adventure. The one in charge of the planning, communicating with locals and deciding for the team, and who does most of the leg work. 


2. The boy/girl scout

The girl/boy scout is usually the one who has all the necessary things that the group may need. From water, food, first aid kit and other essentials that you may need surely they have it all. Whether you need a pair of socks, hiking accessories or even candy you can surely depend on them. 


3. The competitive hiker

This type of hiker will take the whole climbing experience as a competition or a race to the top. Even though there’s no trophy or reward, this type of hiker will take the hiking experience seriously. 


4. The heartbroken

The heartbroken hikers are usually first timers who believe that hiking will help them move on from their previous relationship. These hikers can be emotional during the trek and will say tons of hugot line along the hike that would compare climbing to moving on from a heartbreak.


5. The hardcore hiker

These hikers are often called “gigil sa bundok” since they are the ones who train the hardest. They also have a long list of mountains to hike and a recorded time taken to scale to the top of all their hikes. 


6. The amazona

The Amazona embodies a modern Filipina usually called as a “strong independent woman” that does not need any help from anyone. They are usually adventurer competitive hikers that do not have anything to prove. 


7. The whiner

These kinds of hikers are annoying and disruptive all throughout the hike. They often complain and rant that sends off negative vibes making everyone lose their momentum and motivation. They are usually first-timers who never thought that hiking can be exhausting and draining. 


8. The selfie expert

Selfie experts are usually enthusiastic hikers who carry monopods and smartphones to capture pictures of themselves with the view in the background. Their goal is to take the best instagram-worthy picture that they can post on their social media accounts. 


9. The genuinely and wholeheartedly nice hiker

This kind of hiker acts completely out of kindness and without any ill intent toward the other members of the group. These hikers are also referred to as the "Human Trekking Pole" since they offer their hands, shoulders, and legs to anyone who needs a little assistance.


10.The photographer

Unlike the selfie expert, the photographer is one of the most favorite type of hiker in any group. When you ask them to, they are prepared to point and shoot with their action camera, smartphone, GoPro, or DSLR. They upload everything quickly after returning home from your hiking experience, so you'll adore having them as Facebook friends. 


11. The Complete Gear 

Of course, hiking is fun and rewarding but it is important to have the most important pieces or hiking staples in order for the hiking experience to be fun and comfortable. A good pair of accessories and socks designed for any outdoor activities would help to provide comfort and support long hiking adventures. 


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