Biofresh FlexGel Toe Protector 1 pair RMG13


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Biofresh Flexgel Toe Protector is a tube that slides right over your painful toe. It serves as a corn protector or hammertoe protector, making it a universal solution for pain caused by misalignments and tenderness of the toes.

Helpful as well for diabetic patients to provide extra care to their toes.

Recommended for foot problems such as Claw Toes, Hammer Toe, and Corns/Callus.

Claw Toes
- toes curled downwards due to tightening of ligaments and tendons caused by shoes that constrict your toes.

Hammer Toe
- a deformity that causes your toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing forward caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes.

- hard and painful areas of the skin that often develop on the feet in response to pressure or friction.
- caused by standing and walking for long hours.

*FlexGel™ is made of soft stretchable S.E.B.S. which acts like a second skin.
*Helps absorb shock, while relieving pressure and shearing force.
*Treated with BioFresh® antimicrobial solution to eliminate bad odor.

How to use: Simply slide over your problematic toe before wearing your socks.
Care instructions: Hand wash and air dry.

Sizes: Small

Tip: It is worn on 2nd and 4th toe.