FlexGel Toe Cap


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Biofresh FlexGel Toe Cap reduces the pressure and shearing force in between the toes. It cushions and protects to provide relief from missing or ingrown toe nails, corns, blisters, and other issues caused by excessive rubbing.

Helpful as well for diabetic patients to provide extra care to their toes.

Recommended for foot problems such as Claw Toes and Corns.


- hard and painful areas of the skin that often develop on the feet in response to pressure or friction.
- caused by standing and walking for long hours.

Claw Toes

- toes curled downwards due to tightening of ligaments and tendons caused by shoes that constrict your toes.

  • FlexGel™ is made of soft stretchable S.E.B.S. which acts like second skin.
  • Helps absorb shock, while relieving pressure and shearing force.
  • Treated with BioFresh® antimicrobial solution to eliminate odor causing germs and microorganisms.

How to use: Trim the toe cap according to your need. Wear it on your problem toe before wearing your socks. It can also be worn on all toes.

Care instructions: Wash with water and air dry.

Sizes: Small, Large

Tip: The excess part can be used as toe protector.