Biofresh SofiGel Antisock Gel Insole 1 pair BMHI05

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Biofresh SofiGel Anti-Shock Insole absorbs shock effectively, relieving foot tiredness while providing superior comfort.

Dual gel design
– provides additional support for better protection.

Unique pressure relieve pattern
– helps to relieve pressure on foot’s most sensitive areas.

Anti-shock gel
– provides superior shock absorption and superior comfort.

Recommended for active/sporty people.

How to use:
1. Remove the existing insole from the shoe.
2. Insert Biofresh SofiGel Anti-Shock Insole inside your shoes.
3. It is recommended to use the insole for 3-4 hours on the first day. Then gradually increase usage until fully comfortable.

Color: Gray

Sizes: Small, Large