Dri Plus Men's Army Trooper Sweat Wicking and Odor Free Riders' Arm Sleeves 1 pair DMAW2401

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DRI+ Arm protect are designed to block harmful Uv rays during extreme outside activities. These are made from high-quality material boosted with DRI+ Technology that wicks moisture away from the skin to the fabric’s outside surface. Breathable, durable, and with an odor-resistant feature to keep you comfortably cool, dry, and fresh all day. Wearing our Dri+ Arm Sleeves can also reduce muscle soreness and assist in better blood circulation for improved performance.

Designs Available:

- Army Gray
- Army Desert
- Army Black
- Army Kahel
- Army Pink
- Army Green

Size Chart:

Length – 16.23”
Lower Width – 3.25”
Upper Width – 5”

Limited Edition
1 pair