Dri Plus DMCDBALA1101 Men's Washable Multi-Functional Sweat Wicking Balaclava 3D Copper Defense 1 piece (free size)

Product Code: DMCDBALA1101 FS Stealth Gray IND1

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Dri + Balaclava Copper Defense is uniquely designed with 3D Copper Mesh Filter to provide additional protection for riders against bacteria and viruses, while preventing the spread of infections, with it's natural antibacterial property. Permanently constructed with knitted copper yarn, this keeps your balaclava odor-free and fresher for longtime use. Treated with Dri+ Technology that moves sweat away from your skin to keep you cool and dry throughout your ride.

- Free size

- Soft and breathable fabric

- Protection against the sun, UV rays, and other harmful elements.

- Moisture-wicking

- Washable

- Lightweight

- Active Copper Yarn

Available color: Stealth Gray , Cool Gray, Metal Gray & Tech Green