Biofresh FlexGel Comfortable Insole 1 pair RMG01


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Biofresh FlexGel Comfortable Insole helps relieve forefoot pressure and heel pain due to long hours of standing and walking. Its unique wave pressure design gives a massaging feeling, offering instant relief and ensures superior comfort all day long.

Recommended for foot problems such as Callus, Corns, Plantar Fasciitis, and Flatfoot.

- hard and painful areas of the skin that often develop on the feet in response to pressure or friction.
- caused by standing and walking for long hours.

Plantar Fasciitis
- happens when plantar fascia (muscle or tissue that connects the heel to your toes) gets weak, swollen, and irritated due to long periods of standing and walking.
- most common cause of heel pain.

- collapsed arch during standing which causes forefoot and arch pain.

*FlexGel™ is made of soft stretchable S.E.B.S. which acts like second skin.
*Helps absorb shock, while relieving pressure and shearing force.
*Treated with BioFresh® antimicrobial solution to eliminate odor causing germs and microorganisms.

How to use: Simply place on the soles of your shoe.

Care instructions: Hand wash and air dry only.