Burlington TechGear Triffecta Basketball Thick Sports Crew Socks 1 Pair TGMKE2301

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A technical line of sports socks that is designed especially for different intensity activities that requires effort and performance.


A high-quality line of sports socks designed specifically for playing basketball to improve performance on the court. Provides maximum cushioning for comfort, support, and stability giving you a better grip for lateral movements. Innovated with ultimate protection and aircool technology for better landing.

Key Features

• Reinforced Cushioning

• Breathable Aircool Panels

• Arch Support

• Treated with Anti-Microbial Technology

• Moisture Wicking Fabric

• Anatomical Construction

• Hypoallergenic

• Lightweight and warm


Triffecta is made to give you enhanced performance in every game. Serve as an ankle stabilizer with better support, wrapped around the calf muscles reducing extreme muscle movement for more comfort at high speeds. Made with maximum cushioning for a smooth landing, Aircool Technology for sweat-wicking power, and Antimicrobial Technology for extra protection.



Small - Fits US shoe size 5-7

Medium - Fits US shoe size 8-10

Large - Fits US shoe size 11-15