Burlington Men's Techgear Traction Cycling Thick Sports Ankle Socks 1 pair TGMB1402

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A technical line of sports socks that is designed especially for different intensity activities that requires effort and performance

A new line of socks specially curated to provide comfort and style to all kinds of cyclists. Innovated with high quality materials, perfect fit design, antimicrobial technology and moisture wicking fabric fit for long and intense rides.

Key Features
 Reinforced Cushioning
 Breathable Aircool Panels
 Arch Support
 Treated with Anti-Microbial Technology
 Moisture Wicking Fabric

Functionally designed with compression technology that applies pressure on your legs helping it reduce swelling and improve blood circulation, supporting you in combatting fatigue for improved endurance while backing you up with comfort during extended cycling activities.

1 pair

Fits US Shoe Size: 8-10