Burlington Men's Automatic Genuine Leather Belt 1 piece JMLA3402

Product Code: JMLA3402 120CM BLK IND1

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Burlington Men's Genuine Leather Belts are smart and timeless to incorporate in your formal and active lifestyle. 


Made with high-quality genuine leather material that is hard-wearing and resistant to tearing, stretching, and bending, buckled up with a high-performing metal ware made of durable zinc alloy which can withstand contact with water and changing weather.


An automatic belt instead of holes Has a track system inside the back of the strap and a locking mechanism on the back of the buckle.

-Easy and quick adjustment of the belt length

-Durable and reliable option that can withstand everyday use without breaking or wearing out

Ideal accessory for casual and formal wear

Available Colors: Black, Brown


Size: 120cm