Burlington Men's TechGear Thick Sports Crew Socks 1 Pair BMELTBT350

Product Code: BMELTBT350 9/13 ASSTD GP2

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Our Buy 1 Take 1 Promo contains a random assortment of design and color per pack. Each pack is only guaranteed One (1) Sublimation Socks, One (1) Knitted Socks and the length of it based on the description.


Product Description:

A technical line of sports socks that is designed especially for different intensity that requires effort and performance.


Key Features:

-Reinforced Cushioning

-Breathable Aircool Panels

-Arch Support

-Treated with Anti-Microbial Technology

-Moisture Wicking Fabric

-95% Cotton rich, 5% Spandex


1 pair (BUY 1 TAKE 1)