Dri Plus Men’s Holiday Pack #5 DMBUNDLE4

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Treat yourself to rider's essential items including DRI+ Moisture Wicking Balaclava, Neck Gaiter, Face Mask, Protective Hood, Cotton Top and more! Experience the benefits of DRI+ Technology and enjoy a cool, dry, and fresh ride this holiday season.


DRI+ line of products are specially treated with DRI+ Technology providing moisture-wicking properties that allow sweat to evaporate faster from the skin. It has added antimicrobial feature which kills 99.9% of odor-causing germs to keep you cool, dry, and fresh all day.


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DMBUNDLE4 includes:

- 1 pc. Black Cotton Top

- 1 pc. Citrus Helmet Cleaner

- 1 pc. Neon Arm Protect

- 1 pc. Men’s Stealth Gray Neckgaiter