Burlington Microban Unisex Antimicrobial Cloth Facemask 1 piece VMMASK1/VLMASK1

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Microban® is the global leader in antimicrobial and odor control technologies that has built-in active ingredients working to eliminate damaging microbial growth, providing extended freshness and hygiene for your protection.


Microban Face Mask

Microban’s Cloth Face Mask features an ear loop, stopper, neck lanyard, nose wire and is made with three layers of antimicrobial treated fabric to ensure durability, breathability and safety of the user:

1 – Microcool Fabric as the outermost layer is a lightweight fabric that makes the mask more breathable.

2 – The middle layer is an Interlining cloth that holds the structure of the mask even if it’s used daily.

3 – Made with Cotton Twill as an innermost layer, it has no stretch and is 100% durable.



Continuous Protection – Microban works around the clock making it resistant to the growth of ill-causing bacteria.

Extended Level of Freshness – proactively fights permanent odor buildup that causes staining and odor

Long – Lasting – made of high quality materials reinforced with an antimicrobial technology that stops premature degradation

Stay Cleaner – the added technology keeps them looking, smelling and feeling cleaner in between washes

Size: M and L
1 piece