Biofresh Ladies' Antimicrobial Embroidered Scented Fruity Collection OULSRE1201

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Our Embroidered Fruity Collection is a special collection of SCENTED outerwears guaranteed to help you smell fresh all day. Additionally treated with Biofresh Antimicrobial which eliminates odor-causing bacteria, making you feel comfortable, clean, and confident all day!


This Biofresh outwear features 3 design and scents:


* Strawberry - Has a wonderfully sweet scent that reminds you of strawberry fields

* Lemon - citrus scents that make you feel refreshed

* Apple and Pear - scents that keep you fueled and feeling good


Guaranteed safe and hypoallergenic.


Antimicrobial treatment effective even after 50 washings.


Washing Instructions: Hand wash and Machine wash. Do not tumble dry or use bleach.


1 pc



S 28” – 30”

M 32” – 34”

L 36” – 38”

XL 40” – 42”