The Burlington Basketball Camp

August 31, 2016

“Through our Basketball Camps, we continually aim to establish in today’s youth the image of Burlington as the Socks Authority.” This has been the belief of the Marquez Basketball Clinic ever since they started the Burlington Basketball Camp.

Marquez Basketball Clinic is currently hosting a Burlington Basketball Camp that aims to help the youth whose dream is to pursue basketball in the future by teaching them the basic fundamentals, enhancing their existing skills, having a deep understanding of the game while developing their core values, and in addition to that, being trained by professional coaches including the former PBA player Khasim Mirza and Phil-Am coach Kim Lacap.

Kids and teens from ages 3 to 20 are highly encouraged to join. Different divisions are arranged to cater to different age brackets; the Starters Division caters to ages 3 – 6 year olds, Aspirants Division caters to ages 7 – 13, and Varsity Division caters to ages 14 – 20 year olds.

The camp is specifically scheduled every Saturday from 8 – 10am & Sunday from 3 – 5pm so that the students can balance their academics and extra-curricular activities well. The camp is located at Court Playland, Fisher Mall, Quezon City and for only Php500.00 per session, every kid that wants to achieve his dream to be good in what he loves can be fulfilled – motivation builds champions.

The Burlington Basketball Camp is currently ongoing. Aspiring kids and teens are welcome to join! Head to Fisher Mall Quezon City now or you may visit MBC’s Facebook and Instagram pages: & @marquezbasketballclinic. See you there! :)