Biofresh foot care line supports PH Basketball Marathon

May 28, 2014

Burlington Industries Philippines congratulates the Philippine Basketball Marathon as the new title holder of the longest running marathon playing basketball in the world. As the official socks partner, Burlington was one of the major sponsors of the said event. The actual event, which was held at Meralco Gym last March 24-28, 2014, play and scored a total of 32,000++ points.

Two teams -Team Bounce Back had scored 16,783 points against Team Walang Iwanan, which netted 16,732.The previous record was set by the Americans with 112 hours and 13 seconds. 

Several staff and fans came and watched the game to show their support to the team. However, it was observed that due to the long hours, most of the players started to complain about blisters and muscle strain, therefore affecting their performance. Ms. Josel Escabarte, Merchandising Supervisor of Burlington Phils offered some of the players Flexgel, Sofigel, and other Foot Accessories in order to help alleviate the pain and discomfort felt.

The Burlington Sofigel line are gel insoles which absorb shock effectively, relieving foot tiredness and providing superior comfort. Flexgel, on the other hand, acts like second skin. It helps absorb shock, relieving pressure and shearing force at the foot. The Flexgel line is also treated with Biofresh Antimicrobial treatment to eliminate bad odor. Other foot products include powder and foot spray guaranteed to keep feet fresh and odor free.

Maricar Convencido, the only woman among the 24 players, who used bandages before to lessen and prevent blisters, said that she didn’t feel the pain anymore when she used it. “I run smoothly and it really helps a lot. I would definitely recommend it to other sports players”, she added.  

Luis Bolante, from team Walang Iwanan, said that Foot accessories were good. “It’s soft and nice on my feet.” he added.

Because of positive feedback, other players insisted that they wanted to try. With the help of Burlington products, players performed well during the game not mentioning their undeniable spirit to win the record.

Jacque Ruby, organizer and COO of Discovery-ACCESS, received the Guinness Certificate from Turath Alsaraf, adjudicator of Guinness Book of Records. With him were the players and coordinators of the said event. The attempt was made for the benefit of Yolanda victims in the Philippines.