Founded almost 50 years ago, Burlington has long been synonymous with socks. The brand offers a multitude of choices to the discerning consumer. Burlington also continues to build its brand through its quality and innovative products.

Burlington® Shock XT®, impact absorbing socks are technologically designed to prevent injuries for players who train on hard surfaces. Developed with known basketball coach, Kirk Collier, the socks have extra thick pads to cushion the foot and protect the knees and back. The XT®’s yarn composition and construction assist in the prevention of blisters and abrasions, making it perfect for people who lead an active lifestyle.

Designed to reduce foot slide, abrasion and blister.
Its anti-slip function grips the foot for a maximum performance.

Equipped with protection pads, Protech boasts of its Y-ribbed arch and ankle bone pads
which fully support the bone region and gives an anti-bunching design for maximum comfort.


Soft socks is designed with SOFTTRAX™ technology.
It provides extra soft fiber, extra coverage and extra dry feel for extra comfort.



 Consists of a wide range of products designed for the care and protection of your shoes, allowing you to make use of them longer. No more need to worry about scuffs, scratches and even dirt and stains as Burlington Shucare can help keep your shoes and leather goods looking brand new.