BioFresh’s line of products are treated with anti-microbial technology, which prevents the build up of micro-organisms that can cause odor. The technology has been tested internationally and has been proven safe and effective for use. Due to the market’s positive response with this new technology, Biofresh has slowly expanded to other product lines as well, giving its customers more products to choose from.

BioFresh Towel is a good quality product for everyday use.
It fights against bacteria and microorganism and keeps us
protected as we go through our daily activities.


BioFresh Underwear designs for both men and women.
Manufacturing undergarments with the anti-microbial
technology that keeps us fresh and clean all day.


Biofresh FlexGel is specifically designed for people with
various foot problems. It helps absorb shock, relieves
pressure and shearing force.


BioFresh Antimicrobial Foot Spray and Powder eliminate
bacteria and microorganisms that cause bad odor.
It keeps your feet fresh all day long.